3.0M Outdoor Restaurant Dome

Short Description:

Size: φ3.1M × H2.6M

Area: 7㎡

Material: Polycarbonate + Aluminum profile

Net weight: 260KG

Warranty: 3 Years

Application: Restaurant, cafe, bar, sun room

Product Detail

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Product Advantage

A dome restaurant with a diameter of 3.0 meters. The room can accommodate 5-6 people. This product is highly cost-effective. The overall strength of the spherical design is very high. It is suitable for seaside, terrace, roof and other environments, and has a good wind resistance effect. The product material is made of polycarbonate imported from Bayer, Germany, which is 100% isolated from ultraviolet rays, non-toxic and odorless, and users can have a comfortable experience indoors. The transparent dome has excellent thermal insulation performance and is suitable for outdoor environment restaurants in winter, allowing users to enjoy a warm dining experience while enjoying the surrounding scenery.

The main advantages of our factory

1. We have 15 years experience in blister thermoforming of polycarbonate sheet (PC) to ensure that the finished product is of good quality,free from creases, pits, air bubbles and other undesirable problems.

2. There are five-axis engraving machine, constant temperature and humidity machine, and automatic blister machine,which can form PC products with a width of 2.5 meters and a length of 5.2 meters at one time.

3. The factory area is 8000 square meters, with appearance, structure and landscape design team, able to provide professional customized OEM services.

4. We have own aluminum profile and PC blister factory with good quality and fast delivery

5. There are 3 different series of PC Domes, ranging in size from 2-9M, to meet the needs of different applications

6. The FIRST manufacturer in China to design and develop the PC Dome.
It has served more than 1,000 customers in China and has rich experience in on-site construction.


Q1: What happens to the other resellers if we become an exclusive agent?
*. List your information on our official website and indicate that you are the exclusive partner in your country.

*. Our company will coordinate the relationship with the previous dealers and protect the interests of the agents in the area where the exclusive agent is signed.
In case of any subsequent order conflict in the region, the exclusive agent will be notified at the first time.

*. After signing the exclusive agent, our company will adjust the price of the previous partners (dealers) to ensure that the exclusive agent has an absolute price advantage.

Q2: How are they anchored to the ground/foundation?
A: We use the expansion bolt to fasten our domes on the platform.

Q3: Can you put a wood-fire stove inside?
A: Yes. You can put a wood-fire stove inside based on your application.
We can make a hole for the chimney before shipping or you can make this hole by yourself.

Q4: How customisable are they?
A: All of these domes were designed and developed by ourselves. We are the first factory in China who produce this kind of Polycarbonate domes and
the only factory who can make it to 9M at the most.
We have a professional designed team, so we can make the adjustment as you required normally.

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