3.5M Dining polycarbonate dome

Short Description:

Size: φ3.5M × H2.7M

Area: 9.6㎡

Material: Polycarbonate + Aluminum profile

Net weight: 290KG

Warranty: 3 Years

Application: Restaurant, cafe, bar, sun room

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Product Advantage

A dome restaurant with a diameter of 3.5 meters. The room can accommodate 6-8 people. This product is suitable for gatherings between three pairs of friends, and can be placed with independent seats and a round dining table. Compared with the traditional igloo, soft PVC film tent, Geodome tent, the transparent dome has higher strength, which can avoid damage to the room due to drunk guests or naughty children. The transparent dome restaurant has very high transparency and low reflectivity, allowing customers to have a better viewing effect indoors, while avoiding the glare effect caused by excessive reflection on the surface.

The main advantages of our factory

1. We have 15 years experience in blister thermoforming of polycarbonate sheet (PC) to ensure that the finished product is of good quality,free from creases, pits, air bubbles and other undesirable problems.

2. There are five-axis engraving machine, constant temperature and humidity machine, and automatic blister machine,which can form PC products with a width of 2.5 meters and a length of 5.2 meters at one time.

3. The factory area is 8000 square meters, with appearance, structure and landscape design team, able to provide professional customized OEM services.

4. We have own aluminum profile and PC blister factory with good quality and fast delivery

5. There are 3 different series of PC Domes, ranging in size from 2-9M, to meet the needs of different applications

6. The FIRST manufacturer in China to design and develop the PC Dome.
It has served more than 1,000 customers in China and has rich experience in on-site construction.


Lucidomes is composed of what material?
The Luci Domes body material is made of polycarbonate (abbreviated as PC) and aviation aluminum profile. It has flame retardancy, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, tasteless and odorless, harmless to the human body, high safety and strong protective performance.

Security safe?
Luci Domes are extremely secure. Its structure does not contain metal support skeleton, it is made of bulletproof glass and explosion-proof shield substrate. It not only has 360° transparent vision experience, but also has excellent protection performance. It can safely avoid snake worms and large beasts in the wild; The design stability is strong, and the wind and earthquake resistance is enhanced, and the wind resistance level can reach 13 levels.

How to maintain the product?
The Luci Domes structure is made of waterproof rubber and dustproof design, which not only can withstand the storm, but also can be directly cleaned with a water gun. The maintenance is simple and convenient.

How long is the service life?
The Luci Domes locating body material (PC) surface contains an anti-UV coating, and the material is not easy to age and yellow. It has a natural service life of 15 years.

How to solve the problem of air convection?
Luci Domes is equipped with a fresh air system and a water curtain purification system. The duct fan is used for ventilation and air inlets to eliminate harmful dust and gas in the room and replace the fresh air. At the same time, the cooling effect is also achieved.

How to control indoor temperature?
The air conditioner can be configured in the Luci Domes, and the indoor temperature can be adjusted according to the guest's requirements to achieve the ideal state. The fresh air system and the water curtain purification system also have the cooling effect.

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